Rose Cake

Recently I discovered a wonderful baking blog named I am baker and in it, a recipe for the prettiest rose cake I have ever seen. I was obsessing over it for quite sometime and so I decided to throw a small tea party for my family members to celebrate Sarah’s 6 month birthday.It was the perfect reason to make this beautiful cake. Thanks to the detailed tutorial provided, I was able to recreate the rose cake but as expected, my roses weren’t half as pretty as the original one! You can check out her blog here.

Here is the picture of the cake made by the owner of the blog.


And here is the one I made


I did bring about some changes to the recipe. For one thing I made the butter cream icing using margarine, icing sugar and vanilla essence. Then I added a teeny bit of food colour to it to bring the light pink colour. I also used a slightly smaller star tip than the 3mm one used in the original recipe. For a first timer, I was proud of the work I did and everyone at the party loved the cake.


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