Maldivian Recipes

The Maldivian cuisine is without doubt one of a kind. The main ingredients for most dishes are tuna, coconut and spices.  From the traditional garudhiya and baiy (Fish Broth and Rice) to the tasty hedhikas (short eats/finger foods) we have truly been blessed.


Table set for Break Fast – 2011

The best cook I know is my beloved Mother. She is famous for her tasty dishes among our family and friends. I have always wanted to compile her recipes and often dream about publishing a book in her name. During my student life and when I moved after getting married, the thing I missed most about home was her cooking. I longed for her tasty tuna curry, her yummy boakibas, her special biriyani. Just thinking about it makes me drool.

Since Ramazan is just around the corner, I thought I will start compiling some of my Mother’s recipes here. I hope that my friends will like these recipes (and maybe invite me over for tharaavees to taste these treats!)

Happy cooking!


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